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Knours Beauty

Knours Beauty

Knours Beauty founder Julie Chon spent 15 years working in hospitals as a physical therapist, helping patients get back on their feet both literally and figuratively. She quickly realized that there were obstacles her female patients faced because of the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, & menopause.

After she became a mother of two, Julie recognized the importance of using clean & safe personal products for her own hormonal wellness. She eventually joined hands with her husband to become pioneers in the growing K-Beauty phenomenon as exclusive distributors of Korea’s top beauty brands.

Using her knowledge & experiences, Julie set out to create safe Knours Beauty skincare that didn’t pose a concern for toxicity or triggering hormonal shifts during the 3 M’s. She collaborated with dermatologists & herbalists to conduct extensive research and formulate the cleanest, most effective products for women with hormone-related skin concerns. And in 2018, Knours Beauty was born.

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Top Knours Beauty Skincare Products

Knours Your Only Cleanser

Knours One Perfect Youth Cream

Knours One Perfect Revival Eye Cream

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