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August 4, 2022


BlankNYC Jeans Review

BlankNYC has been designing collections that offer premium quality styles at what is considered “everyone” prices. Premium denim doesn’t have to break the bank!  By 2007, BlankNYC denim had become a powerhouse with their production and design capabilities. They were able to create jeans of similar style, fit ad quality at more affordable prices than other brands. The BlankNYC assortment of denim, jackets, and tops are unique in the market.

The BlankNYC brand has a strong reputation for balancing denim collections with core staples and fashion pieces. The BlankNYC design team pays particular attention the the fabric’s hand feel. Lightweight stretch denim is offered for skinny jeans or 100 percent cotton denim in boyfriend styles. Recently, BlankNYC has introduced soft ligitweight stretch denims that mimic rigid fabrics for BlankNYC jackets and BlankNYC jeans with boyfriend fits.

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BlankNYC Jacket Selection

BlankNYC Moto Jacket

The BlankNYC Moto Jacket is the perfect casual jacket addition to a woman’s wardrobe for all seasons. Wear over neutrals or splash over color to make a bold statement. This BlankNYC jacket is a timeless classic that is always trendy and never goes out of style The BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket is available with a suede fringe accent on the jacket front and back.

BlankNYC Leather Jacket

BlankNYC leather jacket is a premium biker jacket made from vegan leather with functional pockets with comfort in mind. This BlankNYC jacket material is lightweight with a semi fit that is comfortable throughout the day. Wear it casually around the house, or a night out with friends. It has a front zipper with metal hardware & zip sleeve detail. Dress up or down by wearing over a crop, tank top,or cami.

Additional Information 

BlankNYC is the brainchild of 73-year-old apparel veteran Albert Shehebar, owner of multi-brand BBC Apparel. Shehebar has lead women’s apparel brands for more than 40 years, including launching Jou Jou Designs in the ’70s and Dollhouse in the ’90s.

The BlankNYC strategies for growth are based on consumers being willing to try new things. The fall collection of BlankNYC 2018 highlighted fun styles with eye-popping novelties, like jumbo silver studding and rainbow Lurex taping, plus a denim hybrid and sherpa with denim jackets. The BlankNYC brand also has a girls’ collection offering takedowns from its women’s line.

History of BlankNYC 

In the 1970’s Albert Shehebar guaged the pulse of women’s fashion desires, and began selling his own designs. By 1976 he launched his own clothing line, Jou Jou Designs. By 1994 Albert Shehebar launched another women’s apparel Dollhouse brand that gain a cult following. Both of these experiences added to Albert Shebebar’s knowledge of denim fabric construction and wash finishes.

In 2007 BlankNYC exploded onto the fashiion scene! It ramped up urban attitude and striped down irreverent edge. BlankNyc created clothing and obession-wortth fits, fabrics and designs without sacrificing quality.

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